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Bluewood Mtn.
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We Love Bluewood

Hear what our guests have to say:


Great trees, great snow, great fun! ~Darin, Richland, WA

I wanted to comment on how friendly all the employees at Bluewood were today. It was my first time and everyone was helpful, informative and patient. It really affects my choice to come back some day. Thanks. ~Rebecca, Pasco, WA

We are so happy with all the instructors our kids had for lessons. Mike and Rick were very knowledgeable and confident, which made us as parents feel comfortable leaving our kids with them. Twila showed patience with our little one. The experience couldn't have gone any better. Thank you, Don, for taking good care of us! ~Happy Skiing Family, Lewiston, ID

New parks are awesome. Keep up the awesome work guys. ~Surfaholics Gotwake

Had a BLAST at Bluewood. Another great little Northwest resort. ~7B Skis

Bluewood Parks are looking great! I've never seen them this good in the early season. Thanks for the good work park crew. ~ D. Flieck

In the 16 years I've been going to Bluewood, this year's park has been the best. Keep up the good work, and I hope Bluewood continues to support the park and it's crew. ~D. Parsil

I had an awesome day at the mountain! You guys do a great job of grooming and 4 inches of snow made it even better. I will definitely be back a couple more times this week before school starts! ~Chalise N.

I love Bluewood! ~Angela V.

Hey it's a party every day at The Wood! ~Bob A.

Beautiful. ~Sandy H.

It is great.Snow is good. Weather is perfect. ~Christopher M.

I wish I was there! ~Jim V.

We just spent the last four days skiing there, and it was great. ~Keith V.

This is how it is at Bluewood! FUN! Thanks for the great job the crews are doing on the mountain and the entire resort! ~Bob A.

It was great when we were there! ~Katie B.

Thank you Bluewood ski instructors for getting my 8- and 5-year-old daughters skiing on their first try and helping them to have a great time. It was a great day at Bluewood for our family. ~B. Scherer

Bluewood was awesome yesterday! Great job! ~Lisa F.

I brought some of my friends from Florida up here yesterday. I had never been to your resort... What a great place! We had a blast. Your staff was friendly, helpful and remembered them when they returned their rentals. It was a great experience! I will be back with my son next time. Five gold stars, Bluewood. ~Maronda G.