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Outreach Program

Here at Bluewood we are proud of our Outreach Programs. Through our Outreach, we teach hundreds of youth to ski and snowboard during the season. Our Outreach Program is designed to help provide at-risk youth with a day of skiing and snowboarding fun at Bluewood.  

Mission Statement: To be a conduit that brings new perspectives into the lives of young people in our region as they "come to life" on God's great gift of this mountain. 



  • Protect the welfare & improve the lives of young people
  • Provide a safe, exciting, fun, youth-centered and family-focused program designed to meet the needs of all children, especially those  at risk
  • Actively collaborate with regional agencies, organizations and churches to advocate and coordinate programs ensuring as many children as possible can benefit
  • Reduce the cost to a minimum and work with partners to ensure everyone will be able to participate regardless of their ability to pay

Core Values:

  • Be inclusive of every young person with the desire to learn and grow through winter sports; the broader our base, the higher we can build
  • Build character by instilling the values of family, commitment, community, teamwork and sportsmanship
  • Continually strive to improve and always remember, "Kids come first!"
  • Our employees and our community partners are our strength

Our programs include: 

  • Lift Ticket
  • Ski or Snowboard Rentals
  • Lessons
  • Food Packages
  • Helmets
  • Winter Clothing: pants, jackets, gloves & hats



Hi Bill:

The girls still haven't stopped talking about the ski trip.  Everyone they meet - teachers, friends, people at church and neighbors all get to hear about their ski adventure!  What fantastic memories were made last weekend - it was a day none of them will ever forget - their first time on skis!  They are all did so well going from lessons to bunny hill to successful runs down Country Road; just mention the day and their eyes light up  - and the stories begin.
The helmets, goggles and warm wear made all the difference.  Without this equipment at least half of the girls would not have been able to attend.  Having good gear available to stay warm and safe was just the boost needed to convince parents to invest in the trip and allow their girls to participate.  The girls and I are very thankful for the provisions you made available.  The helmets were especially cool.  The girls gained so much confidence hitting the slopes in style with real ski gloves, goggles, helmets, pants and coats... and all in the right sizes too!  
We really appreciate hospitality that Bluewood extended; and the special effort that you and Brandy made to make the girls feel special. The package deal with Tina, Tony, and Pam at Camp Touchet is amazing.  What a great combo!  The girls are already making plans for next year (if we can wait that long) and the way our American Heritage Girl Troop is growing, we'll likely show up with twice as many girls; but only half will be beginners! 
It must be a lot of work -  collecting and caring for that whole basement filled with gear; but I also know that there is one group of girls who are very thankful for your efforts; and who will always remember you as the cool guy who helped them enjoy their first day skiing! 
Thank you Bill, Brandy, and the whole team at Bluewood - you haven't just made new skiers, you've made memories that will last a lifetime -
God Bless, 
John and the Girls of AHG Troop WA3130
For additional information on our Outreach Program, please contact Bill Pogue at